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Hosting Information

The steps listed below will help you in planning a successful certification session for you and your technicians.  For a quick-reference list of all documents as well as Spanish and French translations of select documents, please visit Hosting Resources.


For detailed information on the evaluation process, please reference SPRAT’s Evaluation Guidelines found in Public Documents.


Step#1: Confirm Facility and Equipment Requirements

To ensure your facility can meet the requirements of a certification session, please review the Evaluation Facility and Equipment Requirements within Section 3 and 4 (pages 6, 7, and 8) of SPRAT’s Evaluation Guidelines found in Public Documents.

Important Note: It is recommended that all hosts ensure that First Aid kits are stocked and that they are prepared in the event of an injury.  The Evaluator will assess any potential hazards when he/she arrives and will discuss a specific rescue plan prior to the start of the session. 


Step#2: Schedule an Evaluator

It is a requirement that all certification sessions are administered by a SPRAT-certified Evaluator. In addition to administering the evaluation session, your scheduled Evaluator will also help you prepare for the session by answering technical questions and confirming that your paperwork has been properly submitted.  Please ensure that you share any special needs a candidate may have with the Evaluator prior to the session.  For a complete list of SPRAT-certified Evaluators, visit our Evaluator List.


Step#3: Prepare the Required Paperwork:

Hosts are required to submit the following documentation.


  • Host Agreement:
    Submission of a host agreement is a vital step in holding a session.  The agreement must be completed on an annual basis, ahead of any scheduled session.   If you are a brand new host, and have never  submitted an agreement, please contact the SPRAT Office at info@sprat.org to be set up in our system.  If you are a current host, and have previously submitted an agreement, you can log into your account by clicking here. If you require  assistance in logging into your account please contact the SPRAT Office at info@sprat.org or 610-971-4850.

    Note: Each candidate will be required to have a government issued identification to show on the day of the session.  Hosts should also have ID style electronic photo for each candidate or be prepared to take the photos on the day of the session.


  • Choose Payment Options (optional)
    There is a $100 fee for each technician candidate (including new certifications, recertifications, upgrades, and failed candidates) applied following the completion of the session.  To help expedite the processing of certifications, host companies can register for an automatic payment program.  To sign up for this program, click here.  Completed forms can be emailed to the SPRAT Office at info@sprat.org. Alternatively, if you prefer to pay via credit card on a per session basis, you can submit a credit card authorization form with the submitted materials, click here for access to the form.


  • Certificate of Insurance:
    All hosts are required to comply with SPRAT’s approved Evaluation Session Insurance Policy.  It is imperative that you review the Evaluation Session Insurance Policy well in advance of your scheduled session and provide all required paperwork to the SPRAT Office.

  • Apply for Direct Entry Approval (applicable to direct entry candidates only):
    Direct entry is available to candidates who can show proof of their experience in rope access.  The requirements for direct entry into Levels II and III are outlined in section 4.5 of our Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work found in Public Documents.   Please note that all documentation related to direct entry must be approved by the Evaluations Committee in advance of the session.  Required documentation should be sent along with a completed Direct Entry Candidate Pre-Approval Application via email to info@sprat.org for submission to the Committee no less than six weeks in advance of the scheduled evaluation session.  Please note that a $125 Direct Entry Application Fee will be assessed at the time of submission.  This fee does not cover the certification processing cost assessed following the completion of a successful evaluationImportant Note: A  moratorium is currently in place on Level III direct entry pre-approvals, with the exception of candidates who can show proof of a valid comparable Level III (or equivalent)certification from a recognized rope access organization.


Step#4: Online Calendar Listing (Optional)

If you are a training company interested in promoting your upcoming SPRAT course and certification session, you have the option of listing the details of the session on SPRAT’s Online Calendar.  To request a listing, please send the following information to info@sprat.org.


  • Name of Training Center
  • Website of training center
  • Location of training center (city, state, country)
  • Contact phone number
  • Levels to be evaluated (optional)


Questions? Contact the SPRAT office at 610-971-4850 or info@sprat.org.