SPRAT - Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians

How to Host

The SPRAT Certification Session is an important element in our industry. Proper planning and preparation is critical to ensuring your Certification Session is successful. Although each Session is different, the following steps will help you meet your goals.

Schedule an Evaluator as soon as possible.

You can’t have a Certification Session without an Evaluator. Use this evaluator list to find an Evaluator nearest to you. It will save you money and frustration. Remember, the Evaluator you choose must be independent from your organization.

Interview the Evaluator

Make sure you get to know the person who will be conducting the Evaluation. He can help you prepare your facility for the big day.

Prepare your facility

Make sure your facility is ready for the session the day before it will be held. Take a look at your schedule and eliminate possible interruptions or distractions. Not only do you need a place to conduct the Field Evaluation, but you’ll also need to have a quiet place where your Candidates can take the Written Test.

Think Safety

Are your first aid kits well stocked? What will you do in the event of an injury? Your Evaluator will assess the hazards of your facility when he arrives. Your Evaluator will discuss a specific rescue plan with you when he arrives.

Make sure the appropriate equipment is on site

Don’t take this responsibility too lightly. If you are providing the equipment for this Session, make sure it is on site and quarantined the day before the event. There is nothing worse than seeing a Candidate miss an opportunity because of a lack of equipment. Make sure you have appropriate fall protection and PPE for the Evaluator on hand.

Get the paperwork

Make sure each candidate brings a completed Application, proof of experience, and a government issued photo ID. Your Evaluator will need this information at the beginning of the session. Delays often occur because we don’t have this information.

Job Hazard Analysis

Make sure each candidate has completed a Job Hazard Analysis and has it available for discussion at the beginning of the Session. The JHA should be written based upon your company’s typical work environment.

Prepare your Candidates

Make sure your Candidates are prepared for the Field Evaluation and the Written Test. Make sure your Evaluator is aware of any special needs a Candidate may have.

Take pictures

We need electronic photos of all Candidates. They must be fairly close up, only showing the head and the shoulders. Take two of each candidate against a light background. Take some of the Session, your Candidates will appreciate it.

We’re here to help you through this process. Please call us if you have any questions or need additional information. Good Luck!