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ITRS 2017 Call for Papers

It is time to submit your presenter proposals for the 2017 International Technical Rescue Symposium! This year’s event is occurring November 2-5, in Denver, Colorado. Details can be found at http://itrsonline.org/.

Please consider sharing your latest research, experiences, and testing with others – just like you – in the rescue field. If you know someone willing to present a topic that the ITRS community would enjoy,   please share this information with them now.   ITRS is gathering persons from across the spectrum of rescue disciplines to share theoretical and practical news and views on:

•    Controversial Issues
•    New Equipment
•    New Developments in Gear Technology
•    Research and Testing Results
•    Technique and Systems Discussions
•    Medical Considerations in Rescue
•    Analysis of High Angle Accidents
•    Developments in Helicopter Rescue
•    Swiftwater Rescue topics

ITRS 2017 Presentations Proposals
Anyone interested in presenting at ITRS 2017 can access the required Presenter Forms at http://itrsonline.org/presenter-info/ or request it by email at program@itrsonline.org. The deadline for submitting a presentation proposal is August 4, 2017. Once the completed paperwork has been received, the ITRS Program Committee will review and respond to proposals by September 1.   Final Proceedings Papers (2-8 pag¬es total in length) will be due by October 1, 2017.

ITRS 2017 Presentation Awards
To encourage and reward excellence in presentations, the Symposium offers a “Presenter Award” program. The program is intended to award and acknowledge presenters who give pre¬sentations which reflect experience in facts and data (rather than opinion or conclusion); choice of topic (applicable to field work); and state of the art technical rescue. After the final presentation, attendees will have opportunity to vote on the presentations based on seven categories, with one award going to each category. Each winner will receive a $200 honorarium.

ITRS 2017 Poster Sessions
This is a great opportunity we are offering to allow you to share your technical rescue material in a more personal, conversational setting. Go to http://itrsonline.org/ to get the guidelines for poster presentations.

Limited Enrollment
In order to encourage the informal free flow of information involving all participants, enroll¬ment has been limited to 150 persons. If necessary, a waiting list will be available.

ITRS Sponsors
The International Technical Rescue Symposium is presented jointly by Pigeon Mountain Industries (PMI), Inc. and CMC Rescue, Inc.

ITRS 2017 is co-sponsored by the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA), National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR), Society of Professional Rope Access Techni¬cians (SPRAT), National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC) of the National Speleological Society, and the Helicopter Rescue & Response Association (HRRA).

Thank you for your consideration in presenting your topic at the International Technical Rescue Symposium in 2017.  We look forward to your participation and for contributing to the ITRS community!