Presiding Regulatory Equipment Enforcement Update

Over the last several months, SPRAT leadership has engaged in numerous inquiries and discussions with members and other industry professionals regarding the enforcement of presiding regulatory equipment requirements during rope access evaluations. To ensure a clear process to enforce this compliance and provide candidates with the best opportunity for a positive outcome, it was the decision of the Board of Directors to prioritize the completion of SPRAT’s Host Verification Program, a program already in development, to assist in this enforcement. 

The purpose of the Host Verification Program is to establish a voluntary verification that an Evaluation Session Host has demonstrated compliance with SPRAT requirements and select recommendations for conducting rope access evaluations. Our goal is to begin accepting and processing applications for this program later this year, with official launching of the program anticipated at the conclusion or within the first quarter of 2023. 

Based on this action, it was also the Board of Directors decision to delay SPRAT’s direct enforcement of equipment compliance with the presiding regulatory authority until the program has commenced. It is important to note that SPRAT standards, (e.g. Safe Practices for Rope Access Work Section 3.1.3) and guidelines (e.g. Rope Access Evaluation Guidelines Section 10.7.1) require compliance with the presiding regulatory authority. Please see SPRAT’s FAQ page found at www.sprat.org/faqs for more information.

Lastly, the Regulatory Assistance Committee is working to further communicate with OSHA and other presiding regulatory authorities to address challenges faced by our members in complying with requirements.  Please consider following this committee if you have interest in learning more about these efforts. 

Please contact the SPRAT Office at info@sprat.org or +610-971-4850 with any questions you have at this time.