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SPRAT Evaluator Moratorium Lifted

The SPRAT Board of Directors recently lifted the moratorium on the approval of new SPRAT Evaluators in place since late 2011. The Evaluations Committee has been working extremely hard to arrive at a procedure which would both satisfy the Board of Directors and be workable for the Evaluations Committee.


In December of 2012, SPRAT’s Board of Directors approved the Evaluations Committee’s Procedures to Become a SPRAT Evaluator. This document will guide the Evaluations Committee on how it handles the Evaluator Approval Process.


To summarize, the major changes to the approval process are listed below:


1)       Evaluator Applications will be accepted all year, however they will only be reviewed by the committee in April (for a possible summer Evaluator Workshop) and in August (for the workshop held in conjunction with the Annual Conference). This first review will only verify that the candidate has met all the criteria as laid out in section 11.2 of SPRAT’s Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work.


2)       Candidates will have to go through an interview process conducted by 3 members of the Evaluations Committee.  The results of the interview will be reviewed by the Evaluations Committee  at their May and September meetings.  Upon successful completion of steps 1 and 2, the candidate will be approved to attend an Evaluator Workshop and continue in the process.


Ian Bevan, SPRAT’s Evaluations Committee Chairman, noted “I believe this new document combined with the work of the Certification Requirements Subcommittee has helped strengthen the SPRAT Evaluator Certification, and will hopefully improve the quality of both our Evaluators and consequently, the quality of the SPRAT Certification.”

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