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Public Documents


  • Safe Practices for Rope Access Work
    Designed to provide guidance for rope access technicians, employers, and clients regarding general safety requirements for rope access work. For a summary of updates effective immediately, click here.

    • English: [pdf]
    • French: [pdf]
    • Spanish: [pdf]
  • Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work
    This document describes in detail the technical skill and theoretical knowledge requirements needed to obtain certification to all three levels of Rope Access Technician. For a summary of updates, effective April 1, 2019, click here

    • English: [pdf]
    • Spanish: [pdf]
    • French: [pdf]
  • Defined Terms
    • English [pdf]
  • Bridge Inspection – Typical Rope Access Techniques
    This document identifies rope access techniques used to aid in the inspection of various bridge types

    • English [pdf]


  • Evaluation Guidelines
    This guidelines document provides current and prospective candidates, trainers, hosts and Evaluators with the information and resources requisite in conducting impartial, consistent and efficient evaluations.

    • English: [pdf]
    • French: [pdf]
    • Spanish: [pending]
  • Evaluator Guidelines
    The purpose of this document is to provide Evaluators with the information required to provide consistent, objective, fair, accurate, and efficient evaluation sessions


  • Translation Policy
    The official version of a SPRAT document is the US English language version on the SPRAT web site. To facilitate global adoption, we welcome efforts to provide SPRAT standards, specifications, and documents in as many languages as possible.   Please review this document for details on how to volunteer a document translation.
  • Privacy Policy
    This policy explains how SPRAT collects and processes personal data of technicians and members.


  • Process to Become an Evaluator
    The purpose of this document is to provide Evaluator applicants the complete information regarding the process to become a SPRAT Evaluator.
  • Process to Update Evaluations Committee Documents
    This document provides a procedure for updating the public documents managed by the Evaluations Committee, including, but not limited to, the Evaluation Guidelines, the Evaluator Guidelines, the Evaluator Consensus Matrix, and the Process to Become an Evaluator.
  • Process to Become an Ambassador
    The purpose of this document is to provide Ambassador applicants the complete information regarding the process to become a SPRAT Evaluator.


The above documents are copyrighted to SPRAT.  Printing of the documents is allowed when used in connection with education efforts only, and not for commercial purposes.