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Recent News

2017 Mid-Year Meeting

Save the date for SPRAT’s Mid-Year Meeting, August 16th & 17th in Atlanta!

SPRAT 2018 Annual Conference

Save the date! SPRAT 2018 Annual Conference, March 20 – 23, 2018

ITRS 2017 Call for Papers

It is time to submit your presenter proposals for the 2017 International Technical Rescue Symposium!

2017 Board of Directors Announced

Congratulations to our appointed 2017 Board of Directors!

Save the Date – 2017 ITRS

International Technical Rescue Symposium, November 2-5!

Research Grant Award Now $3,000

SPRAT recently increased the research grant amount to $3,000 per annual grant

Official Video of the Petzl RopeTrip

Check out the recently released video!

SPRAT on The Discovery Channel

Check out SPRAT on The Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet

SPRAT Olympics Results

For the 8th time now, annual SPRAT Conference ended by a series of rope access competitions – SPRAT Olympics!

Product Recall: ZIGZAG Petzl mechanical Prusik for arborists

Petzl has decided to immediately recall all ZIGZAGs as a measure of precaution

Regulatory Update on ANSI/ASSE Z359.13-2013

Document on Personal Energy Absorbers and Energy Absorbing Lanyards has been approved.

SPRAT in the News

SPRAT is featured in recent issues of ADOSH Advocate and the Toronto Star.

SPRAT Board Issues Guidance to Evaluators and Technicians

The SPRAT Board of Directors recently issued guidance on the use of rope access equipment during evaluation sessions.

Attention Rope Access Professionals in Wind Energy Field

OSHA reiterated its position that fixed ladders inside wind turbines must adhere to 29 CFR 1910.27

SPRAT Evaluator Moratorium Lifted

The SPRAT Board of Directors recently lifted the moratorium on the approval of new SPRAT Evaluators.

SPRAT’s Membership Committee Publishes Two White Papers

SPRAT’s Membership Committee recently published white papers.

OSHA has implemented a new Enhanced Enforcement Program

OSHA has implemented a new Enhanced Enforcement Program (EEP).

Petzl issues inspection alert

Petzl has issued an alert for immediate self-inspection of all Petzl ABSORBICA energy absorbers.