Certification FAQs


Certification FAQs

Certification FAQs


Evaluators determine their own fee which may vary by location, travel, and required accommodations.

Contact information and locations of currently appointed Evaluators may be found HERE.


SPRAT’s Process to Become an Evaluator provides information, including, qualifications for aspiring Evaluators.

If you meet the qualifications and would like to apply to become an Evaluator, please contact the SPRAT Office for an application.


SPRAT recommends that rope access technicians maintain current certifications. SPRAT Re-certifications completed within 6 months prior to expiration of a current certification are valid for three years from the expiration date of that certification. 

SPRAT recommends training prior to any evaluation session, including re-certification. A list of upcoming public evaluation sessions with associated training can be found HERE.


Training companies determine their own course costs, which may vary by location, duration, desired certification level, and other factors.

SPRAT’s charges a $100 USD fee per candidate in an evaluation session, which is frequently included in a training provider’s course costs.


SPRAT does not currently accredit rope access training providers. SPRAT currently focuses solely on approving Evaluation Session Hosts.

A step-by-step guide to host an evaluation session is provided HERE.

Following successful hosting of an evaluation session, training companies become eligible to be listed on SPRAT’s website HERE.


A list of SPRAT members that are training providers can be found HERE.

A list of upcoming public evaluation sessions with associated training can be found HERE.



According to SPRAT’s Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work, training is required for candidates prior to their initial certification at any level. Training is recommended for all candidates prior to any evaluation session.