Hosting Information

The steps listed below will help you in planning a successful certification session for you and your candidates.

For detailed information on the evaluation process and host responsibilities, please reference SPRAT’s Evaluation Guidelines and other evaluation supplements, available for both the rope access and work-at-height certification programs, in our Public Documents.

A 5-minute YouTube video for System Use for Evaluation Session Hosts is also available for reference. 


Step #1: Confirm Membership

All Evaluation Session Hosts are required to hold a Company or Company Premier membership. Membership is vital in the hosting process as it provides the company access to the certification portal for the the scheduling of sessions.  For more details on membership options visit our Member Benefits page.

Step #2: Confirm Facility and Equipment Requirements

To ensure your facility meets the requirements of a certification session, please review the Site and Equipment Requirements and Recommendations within the applicable Evaluation Guidelines located within Public Documents

Site and equipment requirements differ between rope access and work-at-height certification programs.  Please ensure you are using the relevant documentation.

Step #3: Schedule an Evaluator

All certification sessions must be administered by a SPRAT appointed evaluator. In addition to administering the evaluation session, your scheduled Evaluator will also help you prepare for the session by answering technical questions and confirming that session documentation has been submitted. Please ensure that you share any special needs a candidate may have with the Evaluator prior to the session. For a complete list of appointed Evaluators, visit our Evaluator List. All listed evaluators are eligible to conduct rope access evaluations. Evaluators eligible to conduct work-at-height evaluations are denoted with ‘WH’ in parentheses following their name.

Step #4: Required Annual Documentation 

Evaluation Session Hosts are required to submit the following documentation on an annual basis ahead of any scheduled sessions during that calendar year.  Applicable documentation and upload capabilities are located within your online profile when logged in as a member company.

Step #5: Set-Up an Evaluation Session in Portal 

All evaluations sessions must be set-up through SPRAT’s online system. The designated user with Evaluation Session Host privileges can add upcoming evaluation sessions into the system at any time with the ability to add multiple sessions at one time.  Directions on how to set up a session, can be found within the Document Repository upon logging into the portal, as well as within SPRAT’s System Tutorial for Evaluation Session Hosts on our YouTube page.





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