A SPRAT certification provides instant recognition and credibility for the Technicians who carry it, and the companies who invest in it. In turn, companies that hire rope access services will look for the SPRAT certification, and will know you offer the industry’s best in technical achievement.

For detailed information on the evaluation process, please reference SPRAT’s Evaluation Guidelines found in Public Documents.

How can I become SPRAT certified?
There are three levels of certification available to interested rope access technicians. To become a SPRAT certified technician, all candidates will be required to attend a certification session and pass a written test, verbal test, and a hands-on physical performance based test assessed by a SPRAT certified Evaluator. To be eligible to test at each level, additional requirements may be required. A complete listing of the requirements at each level of certification is detailed in our Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work.

Where can I attend a certification session?
SPRAT certification sessions occur year round and throughout the world. Scheduled sessions can be found on our Online Calendar. If you are unable to find a session that is convenient to your schedule or location, check out SPRAT’s Training Companies List.

Can I organize and host a certification session?
A company that is able to meet the facility and equipment requirements will be eligible to host a certification session at their site. For further information on the requirements on planning and hosting a certification session, please visit our Hosting Information Page.

I have rope access experience, is there an option for direct entry into levels II or III?
Direct entry is available to candidates who can show proof of their experience in rope access. For information on the Direct Entry pre-approval process, please visit www.sprat.org/direct-entry.