SPRAT - Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians

Committees & Sub-Committees

Newsletter (Communications) Committee

This committee will prepare and publish the official newsletter of the Corporation not less than once every six months to be sent to all members of the Corporation and to other persons or organizations designated by the committee. The committee is authorized to sell advertising in the newsletter to defray the overall cost of publishing the newsletter. The content of the newsletter will reflect the objectives of the Corporation; however, any opinion expressed by an individual will not necessarily represent the opinion of the Corporation or of the Newsletter Committee. The Board of Directors is the appointing authority of this Committee. This committee is also responsible for website maintenance.

Nominations Committee

This committee will discharge the responsibilities delegated to it under Title 4 of the bylaws. The Board of Directors is the appointing authority of this committee which shall consist of three (3) members. This committee is appointed annually not later than August 10.

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Chairperson:   Mark Howe

Evaluations Committee

The SPRAT Evaluations Committee is a standing committee that reports regularly to the Board of Directors. The Committee is responsible for overseeing the certification process of rope access candidates and Evaluators in accordance with SPRAT’s Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work. Within the parameters of the aforementioned Requirements, the Evaluations Committee is responsible for the following:

• Creating and maintaining SPRAT certification documents and written tests
• Establishing Evaluator protocols and monitoring the evaluation process
• Establishing quantifiable, measurable evaluation guidelines for evaluating candidates, and repeatability in evaluations
• Ensure consistent, appropriate evaluation methods by all Evaluators
• Ensure consistency between the Evaluations Committee and SPRAT Standards
• Approving New Evaluator Applications
• Considering and ruling on appeals regarding certification and evaluations

Membership Committee

Develops and implements initiatives for the recruitment of new members, reviews membership services and recommends enhancements, periodically reviews membership list to verify that members are listed in the appropriate category, and encourages participation in SPRAT activities

Regulatory Assistance Committee

Will assist members and other rope access professionals with compliance issues, as well as lead communications and harmonization efforts with OSHA.

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Chairperson:   Charley Rankin

Research Grant Committee

1. Increase the body of knowledge available to the rope access community by providing an incentive for quality research projects, especially those related to safety.
2. Provide an incentive to move some of the research projects that are being conducted within individual organizations to the broader audience of all SPRAT members.
3. Provide increased opportunities for quality presentations at the SPRAT annual conference.

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Chairperson:   Dwayne Witter

Safety Reporting Committee

Develop an interactive web page on the SPRAT web site that will allow members and companies to report incidents/accidents that might help others avoid similar mistakes. Additionally, develop a reporting system that will allow such reporting and make it available to the rope-access community.

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Chairperson:   Patrick Capruso

Standards Committee

The role of the Standards Committee is to implement the Standards mission of SPRAT. This includes the development of standards documents that relate to the certification of rope access professionals and the equipment they use. The Standards Committee shall foster the development of technically sound standards, certification programs, guidelines and test methods for the use of rope access technicians as well as being alert and responsive to new technologies and the developing needs of the public and private sectors.

The Standards Committee shall consist of the Standards Representative (SR) of every Sustaining member company as well as each Associate member who is automatically a SR. Additional information on the organization and responsibilities of the Standards Committee is detailed in the Standards Committee Operating Policies and Procedures.

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Chairperson:   Mike Gilbert

Standards Operating Committee

The Standards Operating Committee (SOC) shall direct and manage the Standards program of SPRAT. The SOC shall consist of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the SC and a member of the Board of Directors appointed by the SPRAT Board of Directors at the first board meeting of each year.

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Chairperson:   Mike Gilbert

Certification Requirements Document

The principle responsibility of this subcommittee is the ongoing review of the SPRAT Certification document. The certification subcommittee shall be responsible for maintaining compatibility with the Safe Practices document. Subcommittee has responsibility to provide interpretive guidance of certification document

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Chairperson:   Chad Shearer

Company Audit

The Company Audit Subcommittee is responsible for developing an audit program for SPRAT member companies, including all documents and processes, which will lead to them being certified as “SPRAT Audited Companies”. Once the initial audit program is approved, the Subcommittee will be responsible for ongoing review.

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Chairperson:   Nathan Schuster

Equipment Specification

Subcommittee will be responsible for creating and/or selecting specifications for equipment to be used in rope access.

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Chairperson:   Shaun Reed

Industry Specific

Overseeing the development of industry-specific guidelines for authorized worker(s).

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Chairperson:   Todd Demski

Safe Practices Document

The principle responsibility of this committee is the ongoing review of the SPRAT Safe Practices document.