Evaluator Induction Program Call for Applications

SPRAT is pleased to announce a call for applications for participation in SPRAT’s next Evaluator Induction Program, the process in which to become a SPRAT evaluator. Details for the program can be found online in SPRAT’s Evaluator Induction Process. Individuals that meet the requirements are encouraged to submit a completed Induction Candidate Program Application and the requested supplementary information to info@sprat.org no later than April 1st.

The selection process consists of two phases, starting with application approval followed by an interview. Applicants will be notified of their eligibility to move forward with an interview no later than Friday, April 21st. Candidates admitted to the program will be required to submit payment of the program fees in the amount of US$1,750 prior to the initial online module, which has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 13th.  Two additional online modules will be scheduled in July leading up to the in-person induction workshop scheduled for July 21st-26th in Salt Lake City, Utah. Scheduling of the final assessments will be at the candidate’s responsibility following the successful completion of the workshop.

If you have any questions, please contact the SPRAT Office at info@sprat.org or 610-971-4850 for further information.