SPRAT - Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians

Up-to-Date Certification Requirements

Changes to SPRAT’s Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work

Important changes to the Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work have been approved by the SPRAT membership, the Standards Operating Committee, and the Board of Directors. These changes represent a significant improvement in the consistency of SPRAT Certification Sessions. Below is a summary of the improvements:

  • A SPRAT Certified Evaluator must conduct each SPRAT Certification Session. The Evaluator must maintain their independence from Level II (Lead Technician) and Level III (Supervisor) Candidates. This independence is not necessary for a Level I (Worker) Candidate.
  • It is necessary to show documented proof of 500 hours and six months of relative experience when advancing from Level I (Worker) to Level II (Lead Technician) and from Level II (Lead Technician) to Level III (Supervisor) Certifications.
  • Level III (Supervisor) Candidates must provide current First Aid, CPR and AED Certification.
  • Training by a Competent Trainer is recommended prior to Certification at all levels. This training is designed to prepare each Candidate to demonstrate proficiency at the level of competency for which they are being tested.

SPRAT’s Evaluations Committee is tasked with the implementation of these changes, and an implementation date of July 1, 2009 has been established.

Click here to download the latest version of the Certification Requirements for Rope Access Work document.