Does SPRAT provide guidance on maximum wind speeds for conducting rope access work?


Section of SPRAT’s Safe Practices for Rope Access Work requires that a review of the work environment prior to work consider “the effects of wind on rope access systems, positioning, and work environment.”

Effects of wind will be dependent upon a number of variables, including the:

– Wind direction, speed, and gustiness
– Type of work being performed, including tools and work equipment
– Length of rope systems and the rope access equipment used
– Ability to maintain access, secure positioning at, and egress from the work location

Work methods, as well as communication and rescue plans may be modified to address additional risks associated with wind; however, in accordance with Section 5.3.5 of SPRAT’s Safe Practices for Rope Access Work, all rope access technicians have the authority to stop work immediately if it is unsafe to proceed.

Category: Safe Practices